As New Zealand celebrates Christopher Luxon’s election as the 42nd prime minister, the spotlight is also turning towards Amanda Luxon, the New Zealand’s First Lady and Christopher Luxon Wife. Amanda, a former ballet dancer and teacher, has been an essential part of Christopher’s journey to the top. Their love story began at a young age, and today, they stand side by side as the country’s leaders. This article shifts focus from Christopher Luxon to his wife Amanda Luxon and gives an insight into their bonding.

Conservative party leader Christopher Luxon was elected as New Zealand’s prime minister. Christopher Luxon height is 5’9” with a net worth of $30 million.

Christopher Luxon Wife Amanda Luxon

Full NameChristopher Mark Luxon
Date of BirthJuly 19, 1970
BirthplaceChristchurch, New Zealand
WifeAmanda Luxon
Net Worth $30 million
Career HighlightsCEO of Unilever Canada, CEO of Air New Zealand
Political RolesLeader of the New Zealand National Party, Member of Parliament for Botany
Key PositionsSpokesperson for Local Government, Research, Science, Manufacturing, and Land Information
Christopher Luxon family

Amanda and Christopher Love Story

Amanda and Christopher first crossed paths when she was 16 and he was 15. They met at Christopher’s parents’ house for a youth group dinner. Their connection deepened over the years. Amanda and Christopher even took ballroom dancing lessons together to prepare for a university ball. Amanda humorously recalled, “The teacher said he had rhythm, and I couldn’t believe she was saying that about him when I had done ballet for years.”

Christopher Luxon family

Amanda and Christopher tied the knot in their early 20s and raised two children, Olivia and William, both of whom are now in their 20s. Olivia pursued studies in sociology and criminology in Australia, while William is currently focused on commerce. Christopher Luxon family have his wife Amanda and their two children, Olivia and William.

A Private Life Off Social Media

Amanda prefers to keep her life away from the digital realm, staying off social media entirely. Her husband, Christopher, who was already a well-known figure during his time as the CEO of Air New Zealand, saw an even higher level of public recognition as he ventured into politics. This shift into the public eye was a change Amanda hadn’t entirely anticipated.

In contrast to the extroverted nature of her husband, Amanda describes herself as an introvert. Despite this, she actively participates in Christopher’s political endeavours. She has addressed large crowds at a National Party conference and recently, the entire nation, expressing her pride in her husband’s victory.

A Strong Partnership

Amanda and Christopher share a strong bond, one that was forged during their time living away from their family support system in the United States. Her support is evident in her statements about her husband’s new role. “He’s worked really hard for it, and I’m incredibly proud,” she remarked.

Amanda believes in their partnership and is confident that Christopher will give his all in serving New Zealand. She looks forward to a brighter future for the country under his leadership.

Christopher Luxon Net Worth

Christopher Luxon Net Worth is around $30 million as per sources. His source of income is his political career and other investments means.


Who is Christopher Luxon?

Christopher Luxon is a New Zealand politician and business executive. He currently serves as the Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the New Zealand National Party and is set to become the Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Who is Christopher Luxon wife?

Amanda Luxon is Christopher Luxon wife.

Who is New Zealand’s First Lady?

Amanda Luxon is New Zealand’s First Lady.