Norman Lear, the legendary producer behind iconic TV shows, led a rich family life that spanned decades and multiple marriages. In this article, we delve into the fascinating stories of Charlotte Lear, Frances, Lyn Norman Lear wives, 6 kids And family members who shared their lives with him.

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Norman Lear Wife

WivesMarriage YearsChildren
Charlotte Rosen1943-1956Ellen
Frances Loeb1956-1985Kate, Maggie
Lyn Davis (until 2023)1987-2023Benjamin, Brianna, Madelaine
Norman Lear Wife

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Norman Lear Children

ChildrenBirth YearsNotable Information
Ellen (from Charlotte)1947Transitioned from graphic designer to a fulfilling career as a therapist.
Kate (from Frances)N/AWriter, board member of Ballet Hispánic, married to Jonathan LaPook.
Madelaine (from Lyn)1994Prefers a private life, born via surrogacy.
Benjamin (from Lyn)1988Director known for films like “They Call Us Monsters” (2016).
Maggie (from Frances)N/AFounder of The Frances Lear Foundation, advocate for various causes.
Brianna (from Lyn)1994Social worker, graduate of the University of Southern California.
Norman Lear Wife

Norman Lear Wife Charlotte Lear (1943-1956)

Norman’s first chapter unfolded with Charlotte Rosen, his wife from 1943 to 1956. Little is known about Charlotte, but they did share a daughter named Ellen.

Norman Lear’s Second Wife Frances Lear: A 30-Year Partnership (1956-1985)

Norman Lear's Second Wife Frances Lear

Norman’s second wife, Frances Loeb, was a significant influence on his career. Married in 1956, they had two daughters, Kate and Maggie. After their divorce in 1985, Frances used her settlement to launch Lear’s, a women’s magazine that ran until 1994.

Lyn Davis: Love in the ’80s (1987-2023)

Norman’s longest and final marriage was to Lyn Davis, whom he married in 1987 until his passing in 2023. Lyn, a filmmaker and environmentalist, brought her own dynamic to the relationship. The couple had three children together: Benjamin (1988) and twin daughters Brianna and Madelaine (1994).

Norman often spoke fondly of Lyn, highlighting her individuality and passion for her projects. Lyn’s impressive background includes a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and a successful career as a filmmaker with her production company.

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Norman Lear Kids

Ellen – The Private Achiever (Born 1947)

Norman’s first child from his first marriage, Ellen, chose a path away from the spotlight. She began as a graphic designer and later transitioned to a fulfilling career as a therapist.

Kate – Writer and Advocate (Daughter of Frances, Born 19XX)

Kate, daughter of Frances, works as a writer and is involved in Ballet Hispánic. Married to Jonathan LaPook, a CBS News chief medical correspondent, Kate is a mother of two.

Madelaine and Brianna – The Twins (Born 1994)

Born to Norman and Lyn via surrogacy, Madelaine and Brianna keep a low profile, steering clear of the public eye.

Benjamin – The Director (Born 1988)

Norman’s son with Lyn, Benjamin, is a director known for films like “They Call Us Monsters” (2016) and “Bad for the Boats” (2017).

Maggie – Advocate and Founder (Daughter of Frances)

Maggie, daughter of Frances, founded The Frances Lear Foundation, focusing on democracy, environment, arts education, and criminal justice reform.

Brianna – The Social Worker (Born 1994)

A social worker and graduate of the University of Southern California, Brianna emphasizes the importance of family despite her busy schedule.

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