Kenny Dillingham, Arizona State’s youngest coach in the Football Bowl Subdivision, has a heartwarming story about family support. Kenny Dillingham wife, Briana, plays a crucial role in his life and career, standing by him through thick and thin. Kenny Dillingham brother Kyle Dillingham is a talented football coach who has made a name for himself in the world of college football.

Kenny Dillingham Family, Parents, Brother And Wife

Family MemberRole
John DillinghamFather
Gerry DillinghamMother
Kyle DillinghamOlder Brother
Briana DillinghamWife
Kent DillinghamSon

Briana Kenny Dillingham Wife With Their Son

Kenny’s story of love and support begins in high school. He crossed paths with Briana during his senior year at Chaparral High School in Scottsdale, Arizona. At the time, she was a junior. Interestingly, they both continued their education at Arizona State University.

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As life led them to Arizona State, Kenny and Briana’s romance blossomed. Their time at the university was not only about education but also about nurturing their relationship. The couple officially started dating during this period. Briana was actively involved as a member of the varsity dance team, while Kenny took his first steps into the football world by becoming a student assistant under the guidance of then-ASU coach Todd Graham.

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In 2018, Kenny and Briana made their love official through marriage. Their union has since been blessed with a son, Kent. Briana is not just a stay-at-home mom but a staunch supporter of Kenny’s coaching career.

John Dillingham: Kenny Dillingham father

Kenny Dillingham’s father, John Dillingham, has a profound connection to Arizona State University, dating back to his arrival in Arizona in 1980. John’s passion for ASU began with a visit to an ASU football game, and he vividly recalls how great the experience was, even if he doesn’t remember the details of the game itself. John’s unwavering support for ASU has been an essential part of the family’s life.

Gerry Dillingham: Kenny Dillingham Mother

Kenny’s mother, Gerry Dillingham, moved to Arizona during her childhood, making her a long-time Arizona resident. She, too, played a role in nurturing the family’s connection to Arizona State University. Raising four kids, three of whom attended ASU, Gerry’s influence was instrumental in fostering the family’s passion for the Sun Devils.

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Kyle Dillingham: Kenny Dillingham Brother

While the Dillingham family shares a deep loyalty to Arizona State, there’s an exception. Kenny Dillingham brother, Kyle, attended the University of Arizona, making him the “black sheep” of the family when it comes to football loyalties. However, this divergence in sports allegiances has only added to the family’s spirited football conversations.

From High School to Head Coach

Kenny’s coaching career is nothing short of exceptional. His passion for football led him to start coaching at the age of 17, driven by an unyielding determination. A torn ACL during his senior year in high school could not deter him. Throughout his journey, Briana has always been awed by his dedication, particularly his mathematical prowess that helps him analyze game statistics swiftly.

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From Dream to Reality

Kenny harbored a lifelong dream to become the head coach of Arizona State. He once expressed this ambitious goal to Todd Graham during his tenure as a student assistant. This dream now stands on the brink of realization, as Kenny embarks on his first season in charge of Arizona State. His journey is an inspiration to aspiring young coaches, and with Briana’s unwavering support, he is poised to make a significant impact in college football.