Benjamin Netanyahu Wife Sara Netanyahu

Sara Netanyahu, renowned as the wife of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is more than just the spouse of a world leader. Her life has been marked by a commitment to her family, her profession, and her community. Beyond the grandeur of political life, Sara’s journey as the First Lady of Israel is one characterized by dedication, service, and a genuine passion for making a positive impact in the lives of others. Read the article for details on Benjamin Netanyahu wife Sara Netanyahu young pictures, age, net worth, height, biography 2023.

Sara Netanyahu Age, Height, Biography

Full NameSara Netanyahu
Date of BirthNovember 1958, 65 years old as of 2023
HusbandMarried to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Height5 feet, 6 inch
ChildrenYair (22) and Avner (19)
ParentsChava and Shmuel Ben-Artzi
SiblingsMatanya, Hagi, and Amatzia
ProfessionExpert Child Psychologist
EducationBachelor’s Degree in Psychology
Master’s Degree in Child Psychology
Military ServicePsychotechnical Diagnostician
Sara Netanyahu Age, Height, Biography

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Sara Netanyahu Young Pictures

Sara Netanyahu Young Photos

Sara Netanyahu Children

Sara Netanyahu Young Pictures

Sara is married to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and together, they’ve raised a family. They are the proud parents of Yair and Avner. Yair, 22, served in the IDF Spokesman Unit before embarking on his studies at the Hebrew University. Avner, 19, deferred his military service for a year to volunteer for the Israel Scouts movement, where he contributed to educational and cultural activities that supported challenged youths. His achievements include being Israel’s 2010 Bible Quiz champion and the second runner-up in the 2010 International Bible Quiz.


Sara’s family heritage is also noteworthy. She is the daughter of the late Chava and Shmuel Ben-Artzi, a renowned poet and writer who was a veteran teacher and educator in Israel. Sara has three siblings: Matanya, a professor of mathematics, Hagi, a doctor of philosophy, and Amatzia, a hi-tech entrepreneur. Remarkably, each of them has earned the title of Israel Bible Quiz champion.

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Sara Netanyahu Education and Service

Sara Netanyahu has dedicated her life to the field of child psychology.

High School (1974-1977): Mrs. Netanyahu attended Greenberg High School in Tivon, where she excelled as a student. Even in high school, her potential shone brightly as she was selected to participate in enrichment studies for gifted students at the Technion, often called Israel’s MIT. She also served as a correspondent for Ma’ariv Lanoar, a weekly magazine for Israeli teenagers.

Military Service (1977-1979): During her military service, Sara served as a psychotechnical diagnostician in the Israel Defense Force Intelligence Unit. Her role involved diagnosing candidates for courses and special units in the IDF and other security services.

Undergraduate Studies (1979-1984): Mrs. Netanyahu pursued her Bachelor’s Degree in psychology at Tel Aviv University. She also gained valuable clinical experience, working at the Tel Hashomer Hospital rehabilitation unit and the closed ward of the Abarbanel Psychiatric Hospital in Bat-Yam. Her dedication extended to her role as a psychotechnical diagnostician for gifted children under Chief Psychologist Erica Landau. Sara also served as a diagnostician at the Labor Ministry’s Center for Professional Rehabilitation.

Graduate Studies (1984-1985): Building on her undergraduate success, Sara completed her Master’s Degree at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Her studies involved clinical work with children and parents, along with systemic interventions in schools. Her research thesis focused on examining the psychodiagnostic reliability of the WISC-R test. While working on her thesis, she also worked as a flight attendant for El Al.

Professional Activity (2000-Present): Following her husband’s first term as Prime Minister, Sara returned to her clinical work as a child psychologist with the Psychological Service of the Jerusalem Municipality. She remains a full-time mother to her two boys and continues to make a positive impact in her profession. In her current role, she provides psychological diagnoses and treatment for children while offering assistance to children and families in distress almost daily.

Sara Netanyahu Net Worth 2023

Sara Netanyahu’s net worth is $5 Million as of 2023.