A federal judge in Baltimore has approved the request to move Attorney Marilyn Mosby Trial to Greenbelt. The decision comes six weeks before the trial’s scheduled start date. The defense argued that pre-trial publicity had significantly influenced the jury pool in the Northern Division compared to the Southern Division and that this change of venue was necessary to protect Mosby’s constitutional rights.

Marilyn Mosby Trial

The judge cited a study result indicating that 45% of respondents in the Northern Division had heard about the case compared to 26% in the Southern Division. Additionally, other victories for the defence followed, including a request to split the four federal charges into two separate trials. Mosby’s lawyers also mentioned that she may testify in her own defense in one part of the case but not the other to protect her 5th Amendment rights.

The mortgage fraud trial will proceed in the largest courtroom in Greenbelt federal court. Throughout the day, the judge, prosecutors, and defense attorneys worked on revising jury instructions and questionnaires, which were expected to be released soon.

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Marilyn Mosby Baltimore’s former top prosecutor, was indicted in January 2022 on federal charges related to perjury and making a false statement on a loan application. The charges stem from her withdrawal of money from her deferred compensation accounts, with prosecutors alleging that Mosby lied to avoid paying taxes on the funds.

The trial, originally set for September 19, was postponed to March 2023. If convicted on the four federal charges she faces, Mosby could potentially be sentenced to 20 years in prison.