Are all IITians Successful? Are Non IITians Successful? Read the article and find out.

Facts first: Every year 20–25 thousand applicants who qualify for the IIT JEE exam make it to one of the 23 IITs out of 10000 aspirants. But not all of them lead in the same direction towards success.

And neither all those who fail to crack the exam lead in the same direction towards deterioration.

How many IITians are Successful?

Because of the prestigious mark of IITs, almost all IIT graduates find success in their lives in one field or another. Coming to the stats, it is concluded that approximately 97 per cent of IITians are Successful. Exceptions are everywhere, so IITs have served as the pathway to success for students for years.

The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) have long been hailed as the cradle of brilliance, producing some of India’s most accomplished engineers and scientists. The prestige and aura surrounding the IIT tag often lead to the perception that all IITians are destined for unquestionable success in their careers. But how far this is true? Are all IITians successful? And questioning sporadically, Are Non IITians successful?

This assumption that all IITians are successful oversimplifies the complexity of success and fails to acknowledge the diverse paths, outcomes, and situations that IITian experience.

In this article, our sole purpose is to debunk the myth about the success of IITians. The notion is to shed light on the fallacy of assuming that all IITians follow the path to success.

Are all IITians Successful

Are all IITians Successful? It is the same as asking, Are all IITians smart? Or are all IITians rich?

Before defining what success is, we can’t derive any conclusion. So what is success anyway? The way we define success, smartness and richness matters.

Success is actually a multifaceted concept, the definition for which varies from person to person. It extends beyond academic achievements or professional accomplishments of getting higher-paying jobs.

For some, success is about personal fulfilment, and the happiness of their loved ones, and it could be wrapped in small cherry-pick moments they get with their daily wages.

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And for others, success is about serving the nation while some strive to set a mark in the pages of history.

Thus, one thing in common in the definition of different perceptive of success is that it is about serving a purpose—either yourself, your loved ones, or the nation. And the goal is subjective.

While IITians have a strong foundation in technical education and are equipped with valuable skills, the notion that every IITian is destined for unmitigated success in one direction is an oversimplification.

Success is a dynamic and evolving concept. Individuals’ aspirations and goals may change over time, and what they consider success at one point may differ in the future. IITians, like anyone else, are subject to personal growth, they shift priorities like others do, and change perspectives like others do, and they lead to different interpretations of success throughout their lives.

It’s not the tag of IITian or Non IITian that defines success, it is the dedication, passion and hard work that defines success, smartness, and richness by all means.

Are Non IITians successful?

There are many successful Non IITians who have already beaten the IITians in many fields. After all, it is not about the tag it is about one’s determination and goal.

IITs Give a Headstart

IITs are recognized both nationally and internationally as premier institutions for technical education. The prestige associated with an IIT degree can open doors to various opportunities and give students an edge in the job market.

Are all IITians Successful? Attending an Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) provides students with a head start in their careers and personal development. But it doesn’t assure lifetime success. Long-term success is only attained by hard work and dedication. So yes, it is wrong to say that all IITians are successful.

Are Only IITians Successful?

No, only IITians are not successful. Read the 6 successful Non IITians who revolutionized the world. is the different career trajectories and individual preferences that sets people apart. Success is not proportional to the IIT tag.

Varying Career Trajectories

IITians pursue diverse career paths after graduation like any other graduate, from entrepreneurship and research to corporate jobs and public service. And some of them choose to be IITian YouTubers while some try their fate in the entertainment industry.

Some IITians succeed in their chosen fields, others may face challenges or take different routes that diverge from conventional notions of success. So it is better to say, success is subjective and should not be solely defined by societal expectations or traditional career trajectories.

Individual Choices and Preferences

Each IITian has unique aspirations, interests, and priorities. Some may prioritize personal growth and work in unconventional fields or pursue their passions, which may not align with conventional markers of success.

It is important to recognize that success is not a one-size-fits-all concept and can vary greatly depending on individual values and goals. One who chooses to go with a job with an annual package of 20 lacks per annum is not more successful than the IITian who tried 2 startups and failed in making the third one work. Stress and hardships are part of everyone’s life whether it be an IITian or a non-IITian.

You can see IITians in different sectors, not all of them go with high packages some of them just become IITian YouTubers, some go into the entertainment industry, some strive harder to become IAS, while some go on the path of spirituality.

Factors Beyond Education

Various factors beyond academic excellence, such as personal circumstances, socioeconomic background, opportunities, and external factors influence success. While the IITs provide a strong educational foundation, these external factors can significantly impact an individual’s journey and outcomes.

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In A Nutshell

Are all IITians Successful? or questioning Are Non IITians successful? It is essential to debunk the myth that all IITians are successful or made for unmitigated success. While IITs undoubtedly offer excellent educational opportunities and equip students with valuable skills, the notion of success is complex and multifaceted. The paths taken by IITians diverge, and their definitions of success vary greatly.

Recognizing this diversity is crucial to foster a more inclusive and realistic understanding of achievement. Ultimately, success should be defined on individual terms, taking into account personal goals, happiness, and fulfilment.