Angie King – Jo Koy Wife

In the world of laughter and entertainment, one name that has often been associated with joy and humour is Jo Koy, the celebrated stand-up comedian. However, behind the scenes, there’s another significant personality who once shared a profound connection with Jo Koy—Angie King, also known as Nura Luca. Let’s dive into the life and journey of this multifaceted woman.

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Angie King Wikipedia

  • Name: Angie King (Nura Luca)
  • Date of Birth: May 28, 1979
  • Age: 43 years old (as of March 2023)
  • Zodiac Sign: Gemini
  • Place of Birth: Philippines
  • Current Residence: Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Nationality: Filipino-American
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Father: David A King
  • Mother: Tessie King
  • Siblings: Brother – David; Half-siblings – Danielle, Cindi, Michael
  • Children: 1 (Joseph Herbert Jr., born April 21, 2003)
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Ex-Husband: Jo Koy (Joseph Glenn Herbert)
  • Profession: Singer, Songwriter, Entrepreneur
  • Net Worth: $1 million

Jo Koy Ex Wife Angie King

Angie King, born on May 28, 1979, in the Philippines, embarked on a remarkable journey that would intertwine with the world of music, entrepreneurship, and a shared life with Jo Koy. The daughter of David A. King Sr. and Tessie King, Angie was raised alongside her brother David, who later started his own family with wife Janea and daughter Natalie Rose.

Jo Koy Current Wife Girlfriend- Chelsea Handler

Comedian Jo Koy and television personality Chelsea Handler had publicly acknowledged their romantic relationship on September 27, 2021, through an official Instagram post, providing fans with a glimpse into their personal lives. However, the story took a different turn in July 2022 when the couple announced their breakup on Chelsea Handler’s Instagram account. The announcement revealed that the separation had occurred in June.

The public disclosure of their split added a layer of transparency to their celebrity status, illustrating the challenges and complexities of maintaining relationships in the public eye. Fans and followers, who had witnessed their journey as a couple, expressed a mix of surprise and support for the two entertainers as they navigated this new chapter in their lives.

Angie King Parents

Angie’s father, David A. King Sr., left an indelible mark as a member of the US Navy and a professional opera musician. Her early exposure to the world of music, particularly opera, fueled her passion for the art form. This influence became the cornerstone of her future endeavors in the realm of music.

Jo Koy Married

Angie King and Jo Koy, whose real name is Joseph Glenn Herbert, found each other in the early 2000s as Jo Koy’s career was beginning to soar. Their love story culminated in a private ceremony in Nevada in February 2003. Together, they welcomed their son, Joseph Herbert Jr., on April 21, 2003.

However, after a decade of marriage, the couple decided to part ways, finalizing their divorce in 2013. Despite the end of their romantic relationship, Angie and Jo Koy chose to redefine their connection as enduring friendship and co-parenting partners.

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Jo Koy Wife Angie King as Nura Luca

Angie King, after her divorce from Jo Koy, embraced her passion for music with a new persona—Nura Luca. Despite starting her professional music career at the age of 40, Nura Luca made waves with her debut single in 2019, a song centered on love and self-awareness.

In 2020, Nura Luca took a significant step forward by releasing her debut album, “Pipe Dreams,” a nostalgic and transcendent collection of songs. Collaborative efforts like the single “Mediatrix” showcased her versatility and artistic expression. Not limiting herself to music, Angie co-founded the clothing line “Mexican U.F.O.” with her former boyfriend, Gino Perez.

Jo Koy Son Joseph Herbert Jr.

Joseph Herbert Jr., the son of Angie King and Jo Koy, stands at the heart of a tale woven with love, laughter, and resilience. Born on April 21, 2003, at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, Joseph has grown into a young man amid the dynamic world of his comedian father and musical mother. Despite the changes that life brought after his parents’ divorce in 2013, Joseph has been a source of joy and connection for Angie and Jo Koy.

Now in his twenties, he has become a familiar presence at his father’s shows, occasionally gracing the stage and adding a unique touch to Jo Koy’s comedic narratives. The affectionate relationship between Joseph and his parents is evident, transcending the challenges of divorce.

Angie often takes pride in showcasing her son on social media, describing him as her whole world, while Jo Koy affectionately incorporates tales of his son into his stand-up routines.

Angie King Net Worth

With an alleged net worth of $1 million, Angie King has carved her own path in the world of music and entrepreneurship. Currently residing in Los Angeles, California, the Filipino-American artist continues to inspire with her creative pursuits.

Jo Koy Wife Angie King Bond

Beyond the realms of music and entrepreneurship, Angie and Jo Koy have proven that relationships can evolve into lasting friendships. Their continued collaboration, shared moments, and supportive gestures toward each other emphasize the strength of their enduring bond, especially for the sake of their beloved son, Joseph Herbert Jr.

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