Read the article for, Angie Bacon, Don Bacon Wife Age And Glimpse Into Her Steadfast Support To Husband.

Angie Bacon Don Bacon Wife Age

Full NameAngie Bacon
Age50 above
Marital StatusMarried to Congressman Don Bacon for 36 years
FamilyThree sons, one daughter, and six grandchildren
Family ValuesEmphasizes the importance of family and love in their shared life
Congressman’s PartnerStands as an unwavering partner in life for Congressman Don Bacon
Angie Bacon Don Bacon Wife

A Love Story That Began in 1984

Angie Bacon and Congressman Don Bacon’s love story started back in 1984 when they got married. Their enduring love, now spanning 36 years, is a testament to the strength of their relationship. They have built a beautiful family together, with three sons, one daughter, and six grandchildren.

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From the Heartland to the Halls of Congress

Congressman Don Bacon hails from Illinois, where he learned the values of hard work and commitment on a family farm. After attending Northern Illinois University, he began his military career in the U.S. Air Force. His journey in the Air Force included service as a Wing Commander in various locations, squadron command, and even an expeditionary squadron command in Iraq during Operation IRAQI FREEDOM in 2007-2008.

His military career culminated with his retirement as a Brigadier General. Angie has been a steadfast source of support throughout this remarkable military journey.

Military Decorations and Accomplishments

During his 29-year career in the Air Force, Congressman Don Bacon received several prestigious awards and honors. These included the Air Force Distinguished Service Medal, two Bronze Stars, two Legion of Merits, five Meritorious Service Medals, and the Aerial Achievement Medal. He was also recognized as Europe’s top Air Force Wing Commander for his service at Ramstein Airbase and a distinguished graduate of various military schools.

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A Family Life Beyond Politics

Angie and Congressman Don Bacon have shared their lives through military deployments and now the world of politics. Their enduring love and family bond have always remained strong. Their six grandchildren bring them joy and happiness, and their shared journey is a testament to the importance of family values in their lives.

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Congressman Don Bacon’s Partner in Life

While Congressman Don Bacon serves on committees within the House of Representatives and works tirelessly on behalf of Nebraska’s Second Congressional District, Angie Bacon stands as his unwavering partner in life. Her support and love are the bedrock on which he has built his career.

In the hustle and bustle of political life, it’s heartwarming to learn about the individuals behind the scenes. Angie Bacon, with her enduring love and support, plays a vital role in Congressman Don Bacon’s journey. Her commitment to family and their shared life is a beautiful story that deserves recognition.

This is a story of love and dedication, where family values shine through, reminding us that even in the world of politics, what truly matters is the love and support of those closest to us.


1. Who is Angie Bacon?
Angie Bacon is the wife of Congressman Don Bacon, and they’ve been married for 36 years.

2. How many children do they have?
Angie and Congressman Don Bacon have three sons, one daughter, and six grandchildren.

3. What’s her role in Don Bacon’s life?
Angie has been a constant source of support through her husband’s military career and now his role in politics.

4. What do they emphasize in their life?
Family values and love are at the heart of Angie and Don Bacon’s shared life.

5. What’s remarkable about their journey?
Their enduring love story and commitment to each other is a testament to the strength of their relationship.