Andre Braugher Andy Samberg Tribute

The news of Andre Braugher’s passing has left the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine in mourning, and several members took to social media to share their heartfelt tributes to the beloved actor.

Terry Crews’ Gratitude

Terry Crews, who portrayed Terry Jeffords on the show, expressed his disbelief and honored Braugher’s memory. Crews acknowledged the privilege of knowing Braugher, working with him, and shared gratitude for the valuable lessons learned from the seasoned actor. His Instagram post included a touching message and a nod to the show’s iconic chant, “#nineine.”

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Dirk Blocker’s Fond Memories

Dirk Blocker, known as one half of the comedic duo Hitchcock and Scully, praised Braugher’s intelligence, kindness, and extraordinary talent. Blocker shared his devastation over the loss and expressed love for Braugher, highlighting the blessing of working with him for nine years.

Joe Lo Truglio’s Musical Memory

Joe Lo Truglio, who played Charles Boyle, reminisced about Braugher’s commitment, passion, and distinctive voice. Lo Truglio shared a memorable anecdote about Braugher’s habit of singing on set, describing the experience as odd initially but later realizing it was a manifestation of Braugher’s joyous spirit.

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Chelsea Peretti’s Nostalgic Farewell

Chelsea Peretti, who portrayed Gina Linetti, shared a photo of Braugher holding a painting of himself. In her caption, Peretti expressed love and mentioned missing Braugher’s dulcet tones. She cherished the memories of their journey together, emphasizing the humor and depth Braugher brought to his character, Captain Holt.

Christopher Miller’s Magical Dynamic

Director and producer Christopher Miller, who worked on the Brooklyn Nine-Nine pilot, highlighted the magical dynamic between Braugher and Andy Samberg. Miller described Braugher as a kind, thoughtful, and supremely talented person, emphasizing the unique influence the actors had on each other.

The social media tributes reflect the deep impact Andre Braugher had on his colleagues, not just as a talented actor but as a cherished friend and mentor. The outpouring of love and memories speaks to Braugher’s significant contributions to the entertainment industry and the lasting impressions he left on those fortunate enough to work alongside him.

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