Alabama Offensive Coordinator Praises Caleb Downs’ Potential at Ohio State

Chip Kelly, the former UCLA head coach who recently joined Ohio State as Alabam offensive coordinator, is already making waves with his insights into the team’s potential. In particular, Kelly has singled out safety Caleb Downs as a player with untapped offensive prowess.

“I was telling Tim and Caleb what a great offensive player I thought Caleb would be, could be and should be,” Kelly remarked, indicating his belief in Downs’ versatility.

Downs, who transferred from Alabama, has a solid defensive record but Kelly sees potential beyond that. As a highly touted recruit out of high school and recognized as SEC Freshman of the Year, Downs has already proven himself on the field.

“Obviously, this is a very talented football team,” Kelly noted, referencing Ohio State’s roster additions for the upcoming season. However, he emphasized the importance of non-talent factors in achieving success.

“It’s the discipline, development, and skill development that we’re going to have here during spring ball that’s going to be the difference maker,” Kelly emphasized, highlighting the team’s focus on improvement beyond raw talent.

With Ohio State aiming for the national title in the 2024 college football season, Kelly’s insights and emphasis on holistic team development could prove crucial in their quest for success.

The Buckeyes have fallen short of their championship aspirations in recent years, but with Kelly’s guidance and a talented roster, they are poised to make a strong run for the title.

Alabama Offensive Coordinator History

Alabama’s offensive coordinator position has a rich and storied history, marked by a lineage of renowned coaches who have left their mark on the Crimson Tide’s football legacy.

Over the years, Alabama has seen esteemed offensive minds such as Lane Kiffin, Steve Sarkisian, and Brian Daboll, each contributing to the team’s success with their strategic brilliance and play-calling acumen.

These coordinators have played pivotal roles in shaping Alabama’s offensive identity, guiding the team to numerous championships and consistently fielding high-powered offenses that strike fear into opponents.

Alabama Offensive Coordinator Salary

Alabama’s football program boasts the highest-paid tandem of offensive and defensive coordinators in college football. Tommy Rees and Kevin Steele each earn $1.9 million annually, placing them fifth in assistant coach salaries nationwide.

Additionally, Alabama’s total assistant coach pay amounts to $9.17 million, ranking third nationally behind Georgia and Ohio State.