Behind every public figure, there is often a strong and supportive partner who stands by their side through thick and thin. In the case of Tom Emmer wife, Jacqueline Emmer, has been a constant presence in his life.

Tom Emmer is a prominent political figure and the third Republican nominee for House of Representatives Speaker. Let’s take a closer look at the woman who has shared over 30 years of marriage with Tom Emmer.

Jacqueline Emmer Tom Emmer Wife, Son And Family

Full nameJacqueline Emmer
AgeIn her 60s
HusbandTom Emmer
Jacqueline Emmer Age

Jacqueline Emmer Spouse

Tom Emmer and Jacqueline Emmer’s journey as a couple is a testament to lasting love. Tom Emmer has taken to social media to express his love and appreciation for Jacqueline. On special occasions like her birthday, he doesn’t miss the opportunity to convey his feelings. In a heartfelt Facebook post in 2019, he wrote, “Happy birthday to my wife and best friend, Jacquie! So lucky to have her by my side.”

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Their anniversary, which marked 34 years of marriage, was also celebrated with a touching message from Tom Emmer. He shared, “34 years of marriage and 7 kids later, and we’re still just two best friends in love! Happy Anniversary to the love of my life, my beautiful wife, Jacquie.”

Home in Delano, Minnesota

The Emmer family currently calls Delano, Minnesota, their home. In this tranquil setting, they’ve built a life that combines the demands of a political career with the comforts of family life. Tom Emmer often shares glimpses of their life on social media, including heartwarming pictures with his beloved wife.

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Tom Emmer Family

In 2023, Johnny, the youngest, marked his 22nd birthday, showcasing the continuation of the Emmer family’s story. Jack is the eldest of all. He embarked on a legal career, serving as counsel to the House Oversight and Accountability Committee. Tripp, while having his share of youthful experiences, graduated from the University of Minnesota Law School. The family also celebrated Billy’s decision to join the United States Marine Corps.