Not every successful story ends the same way, nor do they have the same pathways. This post will make you believe in the aforementioned line when you hear out the stories of successful IIT dropouts who made it big. Not all great minds think alike, they are the ones who have the ability to think of a million ways to make a particular situation work.

Thus, the success stories of these IIT dropouts we are going to narrate in this upcoming article will make you think out of the league for sure. Because all endings are new beginnings to something better.

Successful IIT Dropouts Who Made it Big

Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh Ambani

Starting the names of IIT dropouts with the epitome of success, Mukesh Ambani. You must have always wondered if Mukesh Ambani is an IITian. So, today you have the answer, Mukesh Ambani is an IITian dropout who became the richest man in Asia. Mukesh Ambai needs no introduction as we all are aware that he is the chairman of Reliance Industries Ltd.

Mukesh Ambani dropped out of IIT to pursue his interest. He did his education at the Institute of Chennai (Mumbai). He is the richest person in India since 2008 and people talk about success that is only connected with IITs. The irony isn’t it?

Well, we have curated an extensive list of non-successful IITians as well to mirror the reality that people miss seeing while connecting the tag of success with IITs. Here you go – Successful Non IITians Shaping Industries and find out for yourself if being an IITian is everything.

Azhar Iqubal

Mukesh Ambani

The name of this successful IIT dropout might not be as popular as others, but his piece of creation and finding is yet a well-known app among others. Azhar Iqubal founded the news app called Inshorts. Well, hope you might remember him now as Inshort is a news app that briefs the daily headlines in the simplest and shortest way and has saved our time for years. The Inshort app was built by three IIT dropouts and made it a success for a Rs 600 crore company.

Dr. M Damodaran

Mukesh Ambani

Well, he is among the list of those IIT dropouts who left one of the most prestigious IIT Madras to pursue his education at Delhi University to study Law. Undoubtedly, IITs are not the marker of success, but intelligence is. Dr. Damodaran served as an officer of Indian Administrative Services.

He served as the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Board of India from the year 2005 to 2008. Not only this, but he also served in the prestigious role of chairman of IDBI bank, and chairman of UTI, and SEBI.

Shashvat Nakrani

Mukesh Ambani

Shashvat Nakrani is the one to have made it to the list of one of the richest young individuals in the IIFL Wealth Hurun India Rich List 2021. He is on the list of IIT Delhi dropouts. He is none other than the cofounder of BharatPe. We all have heard the name of BharatPe since Ashneer Grover came into the news headlines. BharatPe is an online payment service providing platform. He is entitled as the Youngest richest self-made individual on the list as he made this roaring sound of success at the age of just 22. The age when most of us are not even sure of what we are going to become in our lives.

NR Narayan Murthy

Mukesh Ambani

NR Narayan Murthy is a well-known personality as an Indian businessman and a billionaire. He is the founder of the well-known company Infosys. He founded the tech giant in the year 1981 with 6 others. He is one of the IIT dropouts who couldn’t join IIT due to poor financial problems. He graduated from the National Institute of Engineering Mysore.

Vinod Rai

Mukesh Ambani

Here comes the scam breaker for 2Gscam, Coalagate, and Commonwealth Games corruption issues. Clearing the engineering entrance exam at IIT JEE is a dream for all engineering students, but Vinod Rai is someone who despite clearing the JEE exam didn’t join the IIT. He went with his passion and completed his Master’s in economics from the Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University.

Hope after through the list of IIT dropouts you won’t relate success with the IIT tag because success is the result of hard work and perseverance, not the college or institute you hail from.